Local Business Expansion Projects

The Andrews Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) is currently working with multiple local businesses on expansion projects. Several are considering locating in one of our Business Parks, while others are stand-alone expansion projects at current or new facilities.

The Kirby Company

The Kirby Company is a local Andrews business that designs and manufactures the Kirby vacuum cleaner.  The company has been in Andrews at its current facility since 1972.  AEDC has assisted Kirby with monitoring equipment and automation equipment upgrades on three different occasions.  The latest equipment upgrade in 2015 came as a result of a grant from AEDC.  The Kirby Company maintains 162 employees and a payroll of at least $4,600,000.


Advance Cooling Towers

Advance Cooling Towers is an established company headquartered in Andrews for almost 20 years.  The company is engaged in the repair, maintenance and construction of commercial and industrial cooling towers located in gas plants and refineries throughout the US. The new facility expansion, approved in 2014, doubles the full-time personnel from 10 to 20 over a five year period.  The location will be in the Business Park South.

Vessel Components

The Vessel Components expansion in the Business Park South provided four additional employees. 

HD Supply Power Solutions, Ltd.

HD Supply Power Solutions, Ltd. expanded to a new location in Andrews in 2014.  The project consisted of a new 12,000 square foot facility and employed five people in the Business Park South.


Salazar Service & Trucking Corporation

Salazar Service & Trucking has been based in Andrews for over 20 years with offices in Odessa, Midland and Sterling City.  In 2015, Salazar expanded with a new location in Andrews in the Business Park West.  The project creates 10 new jobs over a two year period with total annual payroll estimated to be in excess of $3,000,000. The 10,000 square foot office, safety facility and mechanic shop are now open in the Andrews Business Park West.

Cannonball Pipe Inspection

In January of this year, AEDC approved an incentive package for Cannonball Pipe Inspection Company.  The new business will be located on 10 acres at 1800 NW Loop 1910.  The company will be doing pipe and tubular inspections and repair with local ownership.  The project will consist of two buildings, inspection units and a padded, lighted and fenced yard.  It will add eight new jobs over a five year period with payroll exceeding $400,000.

Black Hawk Energy Services

Black Hawk Energy Services expanded in 2014 with a new facility that employs 60 people.  The project consisted of an office, warehouse and maintenance facility in the Business Park West.

Chemical Service Company

Chemical Service Company has been in business in Andrews since 1967 and expanded in 2014 by creating 15 new jobs over a five year period.  The company built offices and warehouse/storage facilities of approximately 10,000 square feet on land in the Business Park West.

Dufrane Construction

Dufrane Construction relocated to Andrews bringing eight jobs and creating 12 new positions.  The company built offices, warehouse and production facilities in the Business Park West.

JGL Solutions

JGL Solutions expanded in Andrews in 2013. The project included a new facility employing three people in Andrews with office space, warehouse and maintenance facilities on land in Business Park West. 

KV Power, LP

In March of 2014 Andrews EDC approved an incentive package for KV Power, LP. The package included a six acre tract with an option for six additional acres in Business Park West. KV Power, LP constructed new corporate offices and space for the company’s utility services, energy/oilfield services and industrial services group. This project allowed for the integration of three divisions along with space for an Apprentice Program, and extensive training processes which are managed in-house.

S&S Fishing And Rental

In March of 2013 Andrews EDC approved the incentive package for S & S Fishing and Rental. The incentive included 10 acres of land in the Business Park West and 100% abatement recommendation. The company added  eight new jobs and maintained a payroll of at least $2 million. Construction of new corporate offices and facilities with a capital investment of over $1 million and machine and equipment of over $6 million took place in 2015. The site in Business Park West is approximately 10.5 acres of land in Phase 1 of the park.

Mustang Well Service

In September of 2014 Andrews EDC approved an incentive package for Mustang Well Service. The incentives approved were five acres in Business Park West, $95,000 for 38 retained positions and six new positions over  five years and 100% tax abatement for seven years subject to job creation and investment according to the tax abatement guidelines. The company constructed new corporate offices and a yard for equipment. They were the first location in Business Park West.