O SE Mustang Dr - Stonegate Retail Locations

Property Details

Anchor locations in a new planned community are now available. Sized at 1.33 acres, there is ample room for restaurants, stores, offices and more. The planned community will include a large apartment complex, townhouses and single family residences.   Multi-family and single family residences, along with ballparks, a bird/ nature trail, hotels, restaurants and the Andrews Business Park are all located nearby.  This investment serves as an excellent opportunity for restaurants, shops, a fueling station and other retail services to serve the Andrews community.
Andrews, TX is a rural community with tremendous economic strength due to it’s central location in the Permian Basin.  The Permian Basin accounts for 40% of all US oil production and 15% of US natural gas production (Texas Railroad Commission; www.rrc.texas.gov).  Although this community was pioneered by farmers and ranchers and their contribution remains part of the community heritage and local economy, the oil and gas industry has emerged as a primary economic driver.   The workforce recruited and relocated to the area for exploration and production continues to fuel rapid growth in the housing and services sector.  Call Lone Star Real Estate at 432-523-9200 for pricing and more details on Stonegate Addition.