Midland International Air & Space Port

37 easy miles from Andrews, with one stop sign and two turns involved, this airport is a Border Entry airport for international air passengers and also serves as a Foreign Trade Zone and U. S. Customs office. Midland International Airport offers direct service to multiple major airports such as Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, Phoenix and others which connect worldwide.

Andrews County Airport

The Andrews County Airport is extremely well maintained and has runway lengths of 5,815’, 3,048’ and 2,935’. All runways have an asphalt surface and are well lit. Fuel is available as is Instrument Landing System.

Loop 1910 Reliever Route

Loop 1910 is a 13.1 mile Truck Reliever Route that was completed and opened on October 8, 2013. Per City Ordinance, all thru traffic of large commercial vehicles are required to take the designated truck route.

Basic Transportation Information

U.S. Highway 385 North is a 4-lane highway:

Seminole28 miles
Seagraves46 miles
Brownfield68 miles
Levelland98 miles
Lubbock108 miles

U.S. Highway 385 South is a 4-lane highway:

Odessa34 miles to IH-20 from Odessa 5 miles
Crane65 miles
McCamey85 miles
IH-204 miles

Texas Highway 176 West is a 2-lane highway:

Eunice, NM34 miles
Hobbs, NM56 miles

Texas Highway 176 East is a 2-lane highway – 7 miles away which leads to:

Midland28 miles
Big Spring62 miles (IH-20)

Texas Highway 115 East is a 2-lane highway:

Lamesa52 miles
Kermit46 miles
Monahans66 miles
Pecos97 miles

Please keep in mind that it is more accurate to deal with these distances in minutes versus miles out in West Texas, as these are straight, well maintained highways with mostly 75 miles per hour daytime speed limits (truck speed limit is 70 on many of these highways). Additionally IH-20 is accessible by multiple routes.